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Bushwick (2017) 720p BRRip 850MB

Download Bushwick 2017

Download Bushwick 2017

Plot: Bushwick 2017 Lucy and her boyfriend Jose are exiting a subway in Bushwick where they see a man on fire running down into the station. Jose runs out to see what is going on, but is immediately killed by a blast. Lucy runs out to try and find help but gets chased by two men. They find her in a house but the men are killed by Stupe, the owner of the house. Stupe, a war veteran, leaves his home to try and reach his family in Hoboken, Lucy joins him as she tries to get to her grandmother’s house. Along the way, Stupe gets injured and trains Lucy in first aid and how to shoot a gun.

When they reach Lucy’s grandmother’s home, they find her already dead. They escape as mercenaries infiltrate the home and retreat to Belinda’s, Lucy’s sister. Drugged up, Belinda does not realize what is going on until a mercenary breaks into the home. Stupe subdues the soldier and asks him to explain what is going on. The mercenary reveals that Texas is seceding from the United States and partnered with other Southern states to form a militia and infiltrate Bushwick for insurgency, but did not expect the resistance from the neighbourhood. Stupe convinces the mercenary to reveal the DMZ, Grover Cleveland Park. Stupe knocks out the mercenary and the trio begin to make their way to the park.

Along the way, they encounter James and his mother in their building. James’ mother requests that Stupe and Lucy go to the local church where evacuees are hiding and convince the father to meet up at a local laundromat to arm everyone to fight back as they head to the DMZ. James and his mother keep Belinda as insurance. Stupe and Lucy make it to the church, but when they find the father, he shoots himself. Lucy then tells everyone to meet up at the laundromat to equip to fight.

As Stupe and Lucy wait for James to arrive with Belinda, they briefly talk about their lives before the war, with Stupe revealing his family had actually died during the September 11 attacks, and had told Lucy he was going to Hoboken just to try to get rid of her, but is glad she stayed with him. As Stupe heads off to the washroom, he is shot and killed by a teenager hiding inside. James arrives with Belinda and they head out for the attack.

They reach the DMZ, but it is heavily guarded by the mercenaries. As the resistance fight back, Lucy and Belinda stick together and run towards the helicopters. Belinda gets shot in the leg and Lucy runs over to her. As Lucy tries to drag Belinda, she is shot in the head and dies. Belinda cries in horror as members of the resistance carry her to the helicopters. The final shot shows that the rest of New York City has been under attack as well.

Release Name: Bushwick
Genre: Action, Adventure
IMDB Rating: 5.1/10
Size: 850 MiB
Runtime: 1:34
Links: iMDB | NFO

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